Comics Micro-Press Survey by Robyn Chapman
Oh, so you're a micro-publisher? I have just the survey for you! Please get me your answers by January 15th. Your input will help me document the micro-publishing movement and bring greater awareness to your publications.

For the purpose of this survey, a micro-press is a small (usually one-person) publishing house that puts out a diverse line of comics by different authors. They often publish in pamphlet form. They generally self-distribute or use small, independent distributors.

So, for this survey, I’m NOT interested in:

Self-publishers who only publish themselves

Publishers who only publish anthologies

Collectives and distros who do not micro-publish as described above

Publishers who have never published a comic (or an illustrated book that is very similar to a comic)

Publishers who are not currently active
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Do you run your micro-press all by yourself? If not, who else is on your team?
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How long has your micro-press been operational?
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Is your micro-press financially profitable?
What is the biggest challenge of being a micro-publisher?
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Excluding yourself, please list your three favorite comic micro-presses that are currently active. (Don't worry, your choices will not be made public.) A list of active comic micro-presses can be found at
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