Cat's Cradle Foster Parent Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Cat's Cradle foster parent. Fostering is a crucial component to having high-quality adoptions. Please fill out this form and submit below. We look forward to meeting with you.
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Do you have a room where you can separate incoming kitties from other fosters or your pets for the first 14 days or as needed? *
Are you familiar with disinfection and disease control measures? *
We ask that foster homes supply good quality food, water, and litter for their kitties at your expense. (These expenses, as well as any other Cat's Cradle foster expenses you may choose to cover may be tax deductible). Can you afford this expense? *
Do you have experience giving injections, pilling cats, etc? *
Are you able to transport foster cat(s) for their vaccines, to the vet, if needed, and to adoption outings? *
Small kittens need a lot of attention and care. Some cats are special needs or might need socializing. Will you be able to spend the time necessary each day to help these kitties? *
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If so, will they interact with your foster kitties safely? *
Do you have children? If so, ages: *
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Are you prepared to closely supervise the interaction between your children and the cat(s) you foster? *
Are your family or roommates comfortable with fostering? *
Cats need to be transported in secure carriers; do you have a carrier? *
We communicate with our fosters by an internal closed Facebook page. Are you familiar with Facebook? *
Are there other interests or skills you would like to share with Cat's Cradle?
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Have you or anyone in your house ever been convicted of animal cruelty? (Question required by Virginia law) *
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