National Transportation Center Application for Consideration
Training with the National Transportation Center is free to qualified individuals. To qualify, you must submit this application, meet eligibility conditions, and join our list of students seeking industry support to launch their careers.

Based on your application, you may qualify for either a scholarship or for a direct hire into a company technician development program (or both). After submitting this application, we will be in touch to evaluate next steps within five business days.

We recommend that your skim this entire application before starting to write, in case you want to prepare materials ahead of completing the application.

Basic Information
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Technician Development Program
If you are applying through a Technician Development Program, please write the name of the program. Write "National Transportation Center" for our internal development program. Do not modify this text if it is prefilled.
Relocation *
Are you willing to relocate for a career opportunity?
Basic Eligibility
Any individual seeking training through the National Transportation Center must agree to and meet these minimum criteria, which align with many industry-standard minimum conditions for employment.

Age -- Applicants must be 16+ years old on the date of starting a training program; legal guardians for any minor applicants must submit additional agreements.

Minimum educational requirements -- NTC jobs and programs require a high school diploma or equivalency, except in cases of exemption. Exemptions may be provided for applicants currently enrolled in and on track to receive a diploma or equivalent credential or in cases in which the lack of a credential does not affect an applicant's ability to secure employment on the basis of NTC training. Regardless of formal credentials, applicants must also attest to English reading and writing at the Minimum Professional Proficiency level ( and mathematics capability at a 6th Grade level ( Anything under these standards jeopardizes an applicant’s ability to successfully complete NTC training programs.

Minimum physical qualifications -- Most NTC training programs are for physically-demanding jobs. In most cases, for example, diesel technicians must possess the strength, stamina, flexibility, and motor skills required to perform repeatedly a wide variety of tasks. Color vision is also especially helpful in a variety of electrical tasks, including wiring and schematics-reading. If you have any doubts about your ability to meet physical requirements for technical positions, please contact

Minimum technology qualifications -- Most NTC training programs use electronic learning resources, and all programs depend on electronic means of communication. Individuals must agree that they have reliable access to electronic forms of communication (e.g. email), access to high-speed Internet, and basic computer literacy for using Internet browsers.

Background checks -- Justice-involved individuals may apply for NTC programs and are given full consideration. However, applicants with any prior, recorded felony convictions must attach a separate letter of explanation. All adult applicants must be willing to comply with any requests for a background check and agree that the information may be used by the NTC on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility for NTC programs.

Drug screening -- Applicants must be willing to consent to standard drug-testing methods at any point throughout their training programs and agree that positive tests for illegal drug use may result in expulsion from NTC-affiliated programs and the removal of any associated funding.

Other qualifications -- Applicants must have a valid driver's license and be eligible to work legally in the United States.

Basic Eligibility Attestation *
Does the applicant attest that he or she meets all Basic Eligibility requirements?
Statement of Merit and Purpose *
Write 600-1200 characters (~100-200 words) outlining previous experience, career objectives, and how this training helps meet those goals. This statement should draw on the individual’s experience to demonstrate his or her motivation to succeed and possession of core employability skills like timeliness, communication, or teamwork.
Execution Plan *
Write 600-1200 characters (~100-200 words) outlining the your practical plan for success in the program. Please discuss, for example, your concrete study plan, how you will get to and from training, or, in general, how you will be a successful trainee.
Resume *
Upload a resume detailing your experience and accomplishments.
Evidence of Good Standing *
You must show evidence of good standing with one or more organizations of which you have been a part. Such an organization may include a school, past or current employer, a vocational organization, or a military service branch, for example. Evidence of good standing may take several forms including a transcript, letter of recommendation from a supervisor or advisor, or honorable discharge paperwork. In the event that no adequate evidence of good standing is available, you may upload a blank document request an interview with NTC staff as an alternative.
NTC Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct describes behavior for trainees and is intended to foster a welcoming and effective learning environment for everyone. Violation of this code constitutes grounds for removal of a trainee from a training program and potentially other legal actions commensurate with the violation. Prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to:

- Assaulting, harassing, intimidating, or threatening another individual or group;
- Endangering the health or safety of others;
- Stealing, misusing, destroying, defacing, or damaging NTC property or property belonging to someone else;
- Using inappropriate, derogatory, or defamatory language;
- Using, possessing, or distributing illegal substances;
- Cheating, copying, lying, or any other behavior intended to misrepresent ability, capability, competency, or status;
- Using or possessing firearms on NTC grounds.

In addition, all NTC staff and trainees are expected to respect the rights and dignity of all trainees, trainers, and staff regardless of such characteristics as age, color, disability, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or Veteran status. The NTC will not exclude from participation in its programs or activities on the basis of arbitrary considerations of any of these characteristics.

Code of Conduct Attestation *
If admitted into an NTC program, does the applicant consent to following the NTC Code of Conduct?
By submitting this application, you must agree that the National Transportation Center may share your information with potential hiring companies. You must further agree that everything you have submitted is accurate and honest to the best of your knowledge.

By submitting this application, no obligation exists on your part to pursue training programs with the National Transportation Center and the National Transportation Center is not required to offer training to you. We are not a placement agency and do not offer or guarantee employment with any of our partners.

Signature *
Please write your full name to attest that you have read the Agreement and agree to it.
Parent or Guardian Consent
If the applicant is a legal minor, his or her parent or legal guardian must provide consent and agreement for this application. Please complete the form separately and upload a digital copy here. (Note: a clear and legible photo of the completed form is sufficient.) You may download a consent form at the link.
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