FRC Lion's Den Application
This is the form to be submitted by either the Committee Chair or the Cubmaster of a Chartered Pack in the Five Rivers Council. Applications will be accepted until May 20th. After that the Council Lion's Committee will decide what Packs will take part in this years test. Unit's currently running an approved Lion's program do not need to reapply.

While the cost of running/operating a Lion's program is minimal, it is important to note that Lion's are not allowed to participate in any form of fundraising. Money for the Lion's program may be a part of an activity fee, meeting dues or covered by the Pack.

Unit Number *
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District *
Name, phone number and email of person submitting *
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Position in Unit *
Has the membership of your unit been consistent? (No major gains or losses during a year) *
How many Lion Den's do you think that your Pack will have? (Current National standard is 6-8 boys per den, must be Kindergarten age.) *
Please provide the name, email and phone number of the leader(s) already committed to being the Lion Guide? (This may be an incoming parent. The Lion Guide must register and take Youth Protection and This is Scouting by July.) You must have at least one Lion Guide identified for each Den.
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Will the Lion's Den Leader(s) be able to attend the Council wide training and program kick off in July/Aug? (Attendance is mandatory) *
Will your Pack actively participate in recruitment of Lion age youth at School and/or Pack open houses? *
Is your potential Lion Den Leader committed to 1 Den meeting per month and 1 Den activity per month? (Activity is currently defined as a Pack Meeting, Council or District event or some type of outing or field trip) *
Is your Pack fully committed to provide continuous feedback on all things positive and in need of improvement to your District contact? *
If you answered No to anything above, but still feel that your Den should be considered please explain below.
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Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about your unit?
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