04 OCTOBER 2020
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COLEMAN BRIDGE: When was the present structure completed? *
THE RIVER MERCHANTS: Who is the man seated? *
FULLERTON HOTEL: How many First Generation boys are jumping into the river? *
INA MONUMENT: The Indian National Army consisted mainly of  (answer?) from the British Indian Army. *
NORTH BRIDGE RD UNDERPASS: You have seen white Raffles and now Blue Raffles. Where is black Raffles? *
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OLD HILL STREET POLICE STATION: How many windows does this building has? *
The Old Hill Street Police Station was built in Neo-Classical style which was still fashionable for public buildings in England in the 1930s. The building was designed by the Public Works Department when F. Dorrington Ward was the Government Architect.The six-storey building has a thoroughly Italianate air with its corbelled loggias and balconies, arcades, stuccoed, rusticated surfaces and central courtyards, one large and one small. Because of the building's height, the proportions of these internal spaces are somewhat overwhelming but, as a solution to the problems of the Singapore climate, this is a sensible idea.The building was considered amongst the finest in the world. Modern for its time, it had electric lifts by 1933. Upon its completion in 1934, it was the largest pre-war government building in Singapore and regarded as a modern skyscraper.The main courtyard, the former police parade grounds, has been converted into an air-conditioned atrium, called The ARTrium for art activities. The spacious ARTrium, with its vibrant colours and ample space, regularly features artistic performances and also houses art galleries.
THE FLAGSTAFF: What is the purpose of the Flagstaff? *
FORT CANNING LIGHTHOUSE: Also known as Fort Canning Light is located on top of Fort Canning Hill and was formerly one of the 23 important lighthouses in the Straits of Malacca *
Read Bridge was named after a prominent resident in Singapore between 1841 and 1887 and Consul for the Netherlands between 1857 and 1885. Who was he/she? *
Completed in 1886, Ord Bridge was named after Sir Harry St George Ord, Singapore's first Governor after the island became a Crown Colony in 1867. The acronym O.R.D is also commonly used for National Service. What does it stands for?                                       *
Name the bridges you cross/pass along the Singapore River. *
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