Region 11 Number Sense/Day 1 - PLC Meeting 1: Classroom Conversation I
As the PLC meets, please use the outline and questions below as a framework for the team meeting, Classroom Conversation 1.
PLC members present: *
Date of this PLC meeting: *
General activity: Please summarize teachers' general activity prior to this meeting. Did they all attempt at least one math conversation? Did they bring student work or repeat student conversations/comments? *
Part 1 - Discussion
The team will use the student work or artifacts that each member brought to Meeting #1 to explore implementation of strategies from the most recent Region 11 content training day. Each PLC group member shares the student work or artifacts they brought and discusses why they found this work of interest.
Part 2 - Reflection (A, B, C):
A. After engaging your students in Classroom Conversation #1, consider the students who struggled the most: a1) What misconceptions or difficulties seem to be holding them back? a2) How does this vary across grade levels? a3) What do you plan to do about it? *
Please address all 3 questions.
B. Regarding students who have strong mathematical sense: b1) What characterizes these students? b2) How does this vary across grade levels? b3) What are you planning to do to build on the mathematical strengths of these students? *
Please address all 3 questions.
C. Please add any questions or issues of interest or concern to your group. *
PLC Facilitators: Please add your name: *
Your district and school: *
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