Open Face Solutions - Quiz #3 Answers

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Fantasy Land is valued at 7.5 points.

Here are your Quiz 3 solutions:

    Quiz 3 Winners

    Quiz 3 Winners

    Question 1

    Open Face Solutions - Quiz #3 Question #1

    Answer 1

    Kc Front, 7s Back +.194 Kc Front, 7s Middle -.308 7s Back, 2d Front -.864 Kc Middle, 7s Back -2.097 7s Back, 2d Middle -2.097 I found this answer surprising, given how many dead cards we have for a flush and for 2-pair+. But the answer is, we are still suppose to gamble. With exactly 4 outs to a flush and 4 outs to 2-pair+ middle, we have to decide which one to complete. You have to use a little "lesser known" logic for this one. We have to ask ourselves: If I fill up the middle now, can I draw to a stronger hand in the back? And, If I fill up the back now, can I draw to a stronger hand in the middle? Once you ask those questions, it is easy to see that leaving the middle open to hit trips, or even a T (which beats 8s and 2s if they hit that) is better than leaving the back open to hit equivalently the same strength flush.

    Question 2

    How would you play this hand?

    Answer 2

    Kc Front, 7s Middle +1.707 Kc Front, 7s Back +.194 7s Back, 2d Front -.864 Kc Middle, 7s Back -2.097 7s Back, 2d Middle -2.097 If you got the first one right, you probably got this right as well. Here we just wanted to test to see the value of that 1 extra flush card, and see if 1 additional out is worth that "trips potential" bonus we talked about in the previous hand. Its a clear yes, 1 out is more important than a small chance at 2 points royalties.

    Question 3

    How would you play this hand?

    Answer 3

    8 8 Front -10.461 8 Front, As Back -10.873 8 Back, As Front -11.057 8 Front, As Front -11.389 8 Front, 8 Back -11.592 The real question here is: Do I play a pocket pair up Front now, a 2 out live card in the back now, or a 2 out to FantasyLand up Front now and a dead card in the back? There are a lot of factors that contribute to the final answer. Like how many live aces there are, how many royalties you get for the J, the likelihood of hitting a running pair TT+, and even the value of having A high up Front if you brick out.

    Question 4

    How would you play this hand?

    Answer 4

    A A Back -6.754 A A Front -7.043 A Front, A Back -10.794 8 Front, A Back -11.120 8 Back, A Front -11.230 I liked this adaptation of the hand because its clearly close between hitting that massive royalty up Front and avoiding a foul immediately. I was really surprised the answer was play it safe, as most of the time its close the answer seems to always be: GAMBOOOL.

    Question 5

    How would you play this hand?

    Answer 5

    K K Back +.477 K Front, 8 Back +.299 K Back, 8 Middle+.172 K Middle, 8 Back -1.826 K Middle, K or 8 Front -2.546 K Middle, K Back -2.708 While making 2 pair middle may be a reasonable gamble under many conditions, I think this is a clear spot where we just let our opponent foul a huge percentage of the time, and keep open the rare opportunity at making running 2pair and Jacks up Front. It's interesting to note that because all the Aces are dead, we are keeping Front Middle open instead of Back / Back. Of course, its likely our opponent misplayed their hand at some point, but isn't that what this game is about: finding people that make mistakes, and playing against them :D That's it for now. Your individual results will be e-mailed out shortly. Thanks for playing.