T'chiyah Membership Renewal Form 2021/2022
Thank you for recommitting to our community! This is an online form that automatically collects responses. Responses are viewable by our Rabbi, Board President, Treasurer, & Community Engagement Associate.

Please direct questions to:
Rabbi: rabbi@detroitjewsforjustice.org
President: megurewitz@gmail.com
Treasurer: levin.koby@gmail.com

Please direct technical / administrative questions to our Community Engagement Associate at TchiyahJake@gmail.com
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Name(s): (If you are renewing on behalf of your partner / family, list all of your names here.)
I am comfortable with my / our name, pronouns, and contact info (email, phone, address) being shared with other T'chiyah members as part of our Member Directory and Neighborhood Groups listings.
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Which of these statements best matches your intended level of engagement with T'chiyah for this year? (All answers are great!)
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This year, I am interested in strengthening our community by participating in the following work groups: *
I am interested in participating in the following identity-based affinity groups:
Terumah: Giving From the Heart
Our Board recommends that we strive to collect $118,000 in membership contributions to be in a good financial standing for the year and support future growth. With about 130 adult members, the Board recommends a contribution of $900/yr for an individual membership. For an adult couple, that would mean $1800 for the year.

We ask members with the means to do so to please contribute more. Your generous contributions help to foster equitable access to our unique, progressive, LGBTIQ-loving, justice-pursuing intergenerational community.

Whatever your pledge, we thank you for choosing to (re)commit as a T’chiyah member. Your presence and participation is integral to our collective wellbeing!

We are grateful for the continued support of the D. Dan and Betty Kahn Foundation, whose generous contributions have enabled us to better educate, empower, and serve one another as we strive to build meaningful Jewish lives.

***We understand that giving may be more difficult during this turbulent time, and that these rates are not feasible for all. The numbers are here to help assist you in making a contribution that is reasonable for your budget and impactful to our community.***
Please state the amount you intend to contribute this year. *
I would like to fulfill this pledge by May 2022: *
Friends of T'chiyah Giving Circle
The Friends of T’chiyah Giving Circle is our term for those kindred spirits who are invested in the continued growth of our justice-driven Jewish community, including (but not limited to!)

1) former T’chiyah members who have since moved away and want to support from afar,
2) your parents, children or other loved one(s) who understand how important T'chiyah is to you,
3) folks who attend services and programs, but aren’t interested in full membership,
4) fellow travelers in the work of liberation-seeking community-building.

Friends of T'chiyah make freewill financial contributions to sustain us as we expand, without the volunteer expectations of membership. Can you help us build a base of supporters, near and far?
Who will you invite to join the Friends of T'chiyah Giving Circle? (If you can't think of anyone now, that's okay!)
Do you have any information that has changed since last June? (Contact info, pronouns, family members, yahrzeits, access needs, etc.)
Could you share a testimonial about why you're choosing to renew your membership?
Can we use this testimonial in promotional material, grant reporting, and other "external" communications?
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Anything else you wish to share?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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