Grammar test - 3rd term- A
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1. If I had had enough money, I..... that radio.
2. If it rains, you .........wet.
3. She would go to the Job Center if she ....a job.
4. The dog....... you if it hadn´t been tied up.
5. It ......easy to paint pictures if you knew how to.
6. If I come, I
7. She.... pleased if you came.
8. If it......, I would stay at home.
9. You will catch the train if you ....earlier
10. If he.... thirsty, he would have drunk some water.
11. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ........ by J K Rowling
12. Smith ....... to five years in prison for robbery.
13. Over a million dollars in cash.....from the bank.
14. The gold..... in a cave near the top of the mountain.
15. The meeting .... until the end of the month.
16. VW cars .... in Germany and the Czech Republic.
17. Any vehicles parked in front of these gates will .....
18. Two men .........following a robbery in Madrid this afternoon.
19. "I love chocolate." - Mary said (that) she .... chocolate.
20. "I will eat steak for dinner." - Mary said (that) she .... eat steak for dinner.
21. "Where do you live?"
22. She said it .... raining when she got here.
23. “I'm not enjoying the job very much.”
24. “The students will collect money”, they said.
25. “You didn´t write last year", Peter told Sara.
26. “The accident was 10 years ago”, he told me.
27. “Sue and Paul are getting married next month”, she announced.
28. Her teacher said: " You must do your homework every day"
29. Paul said: "I couldn't open the door because I had lost my keys"
30. Susan said: "I can't be here"
31. It was ....a beautiful morning ...I went to the park
32. They were.......that I wanted to kiss them.
33. Peter was .......that he started crying.
34. Amanda's favourite dress was ...for her to buy.
35. I didn't have .... to make two sandwiches.
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