TheMisfits - Raider application
Welcome to TheMisfits application form. If we like your application and we are interested, we will contact you with the information you choose to give below in the "How can we contact you" question.

Keep in mind that we are a guild looking for like minded people who have the same current experience as us. With that said - If you are not an experienced mythic raider, save yourself and us the time writing/reading this application.

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Noteworthy alts are for example alts that are maintained at a raider appropriate level and can be useful for the guilds progression
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We raid Thursday & Tuesday 20:00-23:30. Can you make these raid times? *
From patch 8.2 and onwards we will be raiding 1 extra longer day for the first week of a mythic raid release. This day is Sunday from 16:00-22:00. Other than that we do optional heroic runs for the first few weeks of a new tier on Wednesdays. The Wednesday is fully optional but the Sunday is mandatory.
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