Shine City Mobilization
Thank you so much for considering to come to Las Vegas to support True Mother's rally! True Mother is absolutely committed to restoring a nation by 2020, and we want to support her in America. This will be an unforgettable experience of growth and joy!

To be clear, the purpose of this program is not to just be manpower for the rally, but for your own internal growth and tasting the joy of supporting God and True Parents.

We will go through this experience as brothers and sisters and develop eternal bonds. You can never forget the relationships you form with others when you are striving for a greater purpose together!

This program is being hosted and facilitated by CARP Las Vegas. All are welcome to join! You may be ready to give everything for God. You may be struggling and wondering about your place in this movement. You may be looking for an experience of spiritual training. No matter where you're at in your life of faith, this could be for you!

Activities will include:

- Visit Christian churches and support ACLC activities
- Fellowship with other youth groups through sports and music
- Spread the word about the “Peace Starts With Me” rally
- Network with non-profit and civic leaders

Our daily schedule will include:

- Reading HDH together
- Cooking together
- Joining outreach
- Bonding time with other brothers and sisters

Some basic qualifications:

- Age 18-33
- Willing to follow the daily schedule and participate in the activities
- In good physical health
- Decent language and communication skills

The fee is $450 if you wish to attend for the entire 3 weeks. You can also stay for a shorter amount of time for $150 per week

We will have the opportunity to fundraise during the program for those who can't cover the fee

We have limited space, so your acceptance will be based on availability. Sign up quick!! And we will get back to you soon

For more information, please contact:

Akira Watanabe:

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