Social Repro for Women's Strike
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What is Social Repro?
Childcare, cooking, cleaning, caring -- a whole swathe of largely unseen and unacknowledged work that makes our lives possible and enjoyable -- usually falls on the shoulders of women, often on top of waged work and making a living. We call these types of work "social reproduction".

Women's Strike
The Women’s Strike on 8 March sets out to challenge the gendered distribution of socially reproductive work in our society and think through a better world. If you self-define as a man or feel that you have not otherwise been encouraged to perform so-called "women's work" in the past, we encourage you to join the social reproduction team in providing childcare and food for the strikers on the day.

Plan of the day

In the morning and early afternoon of March 8th, there will be 'My Mum Is On Strike' free stay and play sessions in different areas across London. These regional assemblies will provide space for women and non-binary people to celebrate the strike by collectively eating, playing with loved ones and sharing knowledge about International Women’s Day. The social reproduction team will provide food and childcare for these morning assemblies.

Everyone will come together at the Bank of England, where the social reproduction team will distribute hot drinks and snacks to keep people energized and comfortable. We will also have a team of 10-15 people helping parents with childcare, and possibly forming a Kids Bloc.

Everyone will march to Leicester Square to support the Sex Worker's strike. During this time the social reproduction team will continue to distribute hot drinks, snacks and water.

Helpful info
- Women's Strike website (
- Women's Strike Facebook event (
- Sex Worker's Strike Facebook event (
- A short video explaining the politics of social reproduction (

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