The Wilkes County Agricultural Hall of Fame award’s committee recognizes Wilkes County Citizens for superior contributions and outstanding leadership in agriculture. Recognition will be given to recipients whose work has benefited the agricultural community while improving the quality of life for Wilkes County. The recipient’s work in agriculture or an agriculture related field may be but not limited to education, policy making, technical assistance, invention, agri-business or demonstrated effective agricultural practices.

Persons selected for recognition will be honored and formally inducted into the Hall of Fame during the Wilkes County Agricultural Hall of Fame Banquet.


General Guidelines:

• Nominees who have exemplary records of accomplishment in leading agriculture in Wilkes County will be accepted.
• Anyone may nominate a person for induction into the Hall of Fame.
• There is no requirement that an induction be made in any year if the nomination committee so decides.
• Nominees not selected may be resubmitted in any subsequent year.
• No more than one (1) award may be given to a living or deceased individual in any year from the Wilkes County Agricultural Hall of Fame Committee.
• If nominee does not meet criteria for nomination, the nominator will be notified and asked to submit additional information to satisfy nomination form.
• Any person who has performed his/her main work relating to agriculture while a resident of Wilkes County is eligible.
• The person may be living or deceased.
• Individuals nominated to the Wilkes County Agricultural Hall of Fame must have made a significant contribution to the county’s agricultural industry and have been involved for at least 15 years in agriculture to be considered.
• Citizens of Wilkes County (individual can be a former citizen of Wilkes County as long as they were a citizen during their contribution and have been involved for at least 15 years in agriculture to be considered).

Nomination Procedures

• Nominations must be made using the approved format provided with these rules and guidelines.
• Nominations must address each of the evaluation factors listed on this form.
• Nominations must be postmarked, or hand delivered by May 17th to be eligible for consideration.
• Nominations must be sent to the address shown at the bottom of the nomination form.
• Supporting material, if any, offered as part of the nomination packet must be limited to items that connect specifically to one or more of the factors listed above. If additional space is required please attach an additional sheet. If supporting material is offered it can be used in promotional materials, such as the newspaper, etc. Supporting material will become the property of the Wilkes County Agricultural Hall of Fame.
• If nominator has any questions, please contact the Chairperson of the Wilkes County Agricultural Hall of Fame selection committee. This name can be obtained from 336-838-3622 ext. 3.
• No present member of the Wilkes County Agricultural Hall of Fame Committee will be considered for the Hall of Fame award.

Submission of the Nomination

The completed nomination package shall be submitted no later than May 17, 2019.

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