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Please fill in this form if you want to join the Trustroots Iberia Collective. The collective is a shared working and living space from October till end of December 2018.
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We have a few shared rooms available. Depending on the amount of participants and the potential to move Trustroots forward up to a couple of weeks of stay is possible. You're also welcome to come over for a couple of days to better get to know folks.
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We don't yet have a budget for food (or anything) so only the basics are provided. We estimate costs for food and utilities to range from 5 to 10€ per person (may go down if we find appropriate dumpsters) and you're welcome to leave some money in our donation jar. Another point to note is that we're looking for ways to create income for Trustroots, thru e.g. Patreon or merchandise, thoughts and actions around this are very welcome.
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It can help with planning if we know how you're coming. Maybe we can even arrange a ride for you.
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