The Feminist Campaign School Application
We are looking to find out who you are as a person and how you will approach this campaign school. We're not looking for or prioritizing any knowledge or expertise in politics. We’re not looking for “right” answers -- we want to find out what you’re all about. We will be prioritizing people who are underrepresented in local politics.  
Please note that this application is confidential. This application will be viewed by Ablaze Services for the purposes of the campaign school and will not be shared or used for any other purposes.

*Please note that this program is focused on municipal politics - mayor, city council, school board, and parks board. If you're interested in provincial, federal, or band politics, please contact us to discuss fit. We may offer a program specifically for these levels of government at a later date.

*If you need or want support completing this form or if you have any questions, please contact
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Name *
Mailing address with city and postal code *
Please tell us what you’re currently learning, how you’re learning it, and who you’re learning it from. (this question about you as a person, not about politics, not running for office, or campaign work. Example - books, online spaces, volunteer work, community organizations, professional organizations, etc)
Are you applying for the Candidate stream, the Campaign Staff stream, or would you like to have a conversation with the facilitators to decide the right fit.
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Why are you applying to this program specifically?
Describe some values you’re bringing to this course and this work? (If you’re stuck for ideas, please go read our values statement but we’d encourage going with the first things that come to mind and not overthinking this. We value process, not perfection :) ) Or tell us about ideas that are important to you?  Our values statement is here:
What brings you joy?
What is your role in anti-oppression - where are you on this journey?
Have you ever run for an elected position before (student government, board of directors, etc). Tell us about that experience.
If you're planning to run for office, please tell us what position you’re thinking about running for and where.
Are you applying with someone else? If so, please tell us who they are and which stream they're applying for so we can look at your applications together.  (example - if your campaign manager is also applying, please let us know so we can put your applications together).
What qualities do you value in your elected candidates?
Is there someone who’s elected or in leadership (anywhere in the world) who you admire and why?
Have you worked/volunteered on a political campaign before and if so, what was your experience like?
Have you done any organizing or planning in your work, volunteer, or personal life? Tell us about your experience?
Can you commit to attending all of the weekly sessions  (this is not a determining factor, we just need to know how we can adapt for people who cannot)? There are a total of 6 sessions per stream - week 1 and week 6 are weeknight evenings. The schedule for fall 2021 is TBC, but please let us know your availability as that will help us choose days/times.
We will be prioritizing people who are underrepresented in elected office and electoral politics. For the next several questions, please tell us how you identify and if you'd like to skip the questions please do. Please tell us about your race, ethnicity, cultural background, migration status or anything else that feels important.
Please tell us about your socioeconomic status, housing tenure, class, etc.
Please tell us if you have a disability and anything you want us to know.
Tell us your age, gender, etc.
What city do you live in?
What else is important to you about your identity?
What else do you wish we had asked that you want to tell us about yourself? (can be anything!)
Would you like to be added to Ablaze Services email list to find out about upcoming events and trainings offered by Trudi and Nadine?
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Please provide us with your email address for correspondence relating to this campaign school.
(Updated) Tuition for this program is $199 and is payable by August 31, 2022.  Please know that we will talk about how to fundraise and pay for your tuition as well as how to track it to meet the legal obligations of Elections BC.  WE WILL WORK WITH YOU To ensure this is not a barrier to participation.
Are you part of an organization (professional organization, political party, union, etc) that will help pay your fees?
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This program is provided using Zoom, Google Drive, an Slack. Do you have enough internet bandwidth to use these programs?
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