Don't let Washington take your healthcare!
Let Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts, and Congressman Kevin Yoder know that you support the Affordable Care Act.

As part of the U.S Conference of Mayors' “Day of Action,” Unified Government Mayor Mark Holland is urging those who support the Affordable Care Act (ACA)to write Senators Roberts and Moran, and Congressman Yoder. Specifically, Mayor Holland and other health advocates are asking you to tell your representatives that dismantling the healthcare law is not what you want. You can do that by completing this online ACA support card and we will send your message to Senators Moran and Roberts, and Congressman Yoder.

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Dear Representative Kevin Yoder and Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts
I'm writing to you to voice my support for the Affordable Care Act. Because of the ACA, 20 million Americans and 137,000 Kansans have gained health insurance.

As Congress debates whether to replace the ACA, I urge you to support these important benefits that are included in the ACA:

1. Insuring children up to the age of 26
2. Eliminating lifetime and annual limits
3. Assuring eligibility for insurance coverage even with pre-existing conditions
4. Guaranteeing coverage for pregnancy and breast cancer screenings
5. Providing coverage for preventive services at no additional cost

I also urge you to make sure that any replacement plan is truly affordable for all.

Here's why this is important to me...
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