Newberry Academy Needs-Based Scholarship Application
Please note that your application and information will be confidential and only viewed by Newberry Academy Administrators.
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Best email address and phone number to reach you *
Why are you seeking financial aid (change of circumstances, etc) ? *
What steps are you already taking to pay tuition? *
What payments are you able to afford? (example: $250 per month with lump sum payment of $1000 with tax return). *
What non-financial ways have you/are you able to contribute to the school (volunteering, recruiting, etc) ? *
Are you likely to need financial aid in subsequent years? *
Why is Newberry Academy the best school for your child? *
If there is any additional information or comments you would like for us to be aware of, please let us know here. Thank you.
Although it is not a requirement, any documentation that you can provide to support your application will be taken into consideration when awards are made. Please upload here.
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