Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House Registration 2022
Please read the following information which will tell you what you need to know about taking part in Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House. The deadline for entries is Friday 14 January 2022.

In order to complete your registration you will need to complete these 3 steps.

1. Supply information on the form as requested below
2. Email a jpeg of the image you wish to be reproduced in the catalogue - labelled with your name, postcode & year
3. Pay entry fee by bank transfer.

Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House 2022 will be held on the weekends of 14 -15 May and 21 -22 May, 11am-6 pm.

All venues must be open on the first weekend. Please confirm on the registration form whether you will be open on the first weekend only or both weekends.
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Key Dates
14 January 2022 - Deadline for registration

March 2022- tbc - Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House drinks - a chance to meet other artists and the team

April 2022 tbc - Launch of Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House Catalogue

Friday 13 May - 22 May 2022 - Dulwich Festival

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 May 2022 - 1st weekend of Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House

Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 May - 2nd weekend of Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House
Who can take part?
Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House is for artists, designers and makers to showcase their original work and who live, work or have a venue (home, studio, cafe, gallery…) in the Dulwich area in which to exhibit.

It also provides an opportunity for visitors to meet the artists and see their work in an informal setting. The central areas covered by Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House event are SE21, SE22 and SE24, extending into parts of SE15, SE5, SE27, SE23 and SE26. If in doubt please check to see that your venue falls within the area covered by the event.
Insurance and safety
Artists/Hosts are responsible for insuring their work and the contents of their home during the weekends. Check that your existing policy provides adequate cover before registering to take part. Dulwich Festival does NOT provide insurance of any kind. Public liability insurance is essential and you MUST ensure that you have this in place.

The Artists' information company www.a-n.co.uk has information regarding public liability insurance.

Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House Catalogue
We produce a catalogue containing the images and descriptions of the work of each artist and print 15 -20K copies. The catalogue will be available to the public in libraries, local shops, bars, cafes, galleries etc Information about the event and all participating artists is also available on Dulwich Festival website www.dulwichfestival.co.uk
Your entry
The image you select is the most important part of your entry so please ensure that you are happy with the quality you supply. Please email your image at the point of registration. The image file name must contain the artist's name and postcode of venue in this format:

If supplying multiple images please add _01, _02 etc at the end of each file name.

Your catalogue entry
The preferred file format is a high resolution 300dpi JPEG. Please note that images taken from websites are generally low resolution and unsuitable for print.

Due to the nature of printing on uncoated paper, where possible, please avoid dark images.

The text in the catalogue is an edited version of the information you provide on the form and will be a maximum of 35 words. Please do not send descriptions of more than this.

You will have the opportunity to check your entry but please consider your wording carefully. We can correct errors but may not be able to change text or images.
Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House Registration
An entry form (below) must be completed and a high resolution image sent by email together with payment for each entry in the catalogue by Friday 14 January 2022.

By registering to take part you are agreeing to the above terms and to being open during the specified dates and times.
The registration fee for both venue and artist/s is non-refundable (unless we are unable to accommodate your entry e.g in the case of late or incomplete entries).

Payment MUST be made in full for your choice of entry at the point of registration by bank transfer to Dulwich Festival Account:

Dulwich Festival Lloyds Bank Sort Code: 30-92-89 Acc. No: 07198540. Use Reference: Your surname and postcode.

A. Quarter page entry for one venue and one artist £90 (venue) + £20 (artist) total = £110

B. Quarter page entry for one venue and multiple artists showing at the same venue £90 (venue) + £20 (per each artist)
One form only to be submitted & one payment only - nominate a lead artist to supply address etc and to act as contact.

C.Full page entry for 4 or more artists showing at the same venue £360 + £20 per each artist

D. Double page entry for 8 or more artists showing at the same venue £720 + £20 per each artist
Between 15,000 and 20,000 copies of the catalogue are printed and the event is listed in the Dulwich Festival programme.

We promote the event through the Dulwich Festival website and on social media – Twitter, Facebook and instagram. Dulwich Festival also publicises the event in local papers and magazines. Many Dulwich Festival Artists' Open Houses produce their own flyer and deliver these door to door as well as displaying in local shops etc alongside the catalogue and posters.
Your Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House
We hope that you will find Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House a rewarding experience both personally and commercially. It is an excellent opportunity to meet the public, make contacts, receive feedback and sell your work. However, it is a huge undertaking which takes thought and preparation.

You must feel comfortable opening your home to strangers. Visitor numbers can vary widely throughout the day and at each venue. The success of your Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House cannot be guaranteed but the number of visitors you have will be influenced by how much of your own publicity you do.
Private View
Many venues choose to have a private view in the run up to Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House as a way of opening up on a high and it can promote sales.

However, it is a matter of personal choice and is not advertised in the catalogue.
Your Entry
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