Usefulness of research for conservation: Questionnaire addressed to directors, managers, operators and official authorities of protected areas in Central Africa

What is the purpose of research in central African protected areas? One of the primary roles of research is to assist in management decision-making. The science-policy interface requires the development of structures, tools and mechanisms to optimize communication among researchers, managers and decision makers.

As part of the ECOFAC 6 capitalization program, and in order to help improve information sharing between researchers and protected area managers in central Africa, we invite you to answer this questionnaire on the usefulness of research for conservation.

We have also compiled a database of scientific studies conducted in protected areas in the ten Central African countries between 2011 and 2020. If you enter your email address in the general information below, we will send you all articles relevant to your protected area.

The analysis of the responses will be used for scientific publications and capitalization reports of the ECOFAC 6 program. All responses will be treated anonymously.

We thank you in advance for your valuable responses.

Best regards,

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