Warren County Democrats 2017 Phone Bank/Door-to-Door Volunteer Signup
In the 2017 election, as in every election, going door-to-door and calling on the phone is going to be an integral part of our effort to elect Democrats locally. This year we are focusing on the City Council races with the intention of sweeping the field. The only way we’re going to do that is by talking one-on-one with voters. Please look at the schedule below and sign up for a date and time to either canvass the city or make phone calls.
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Door-to-Door Signup
Weekly door-to-door activities will start at 5:00 pm (on most Mondays) at 15 W. 5th Avenue in Warren. It’s a grey house about 100 yards from the 5th Avenue Bridge. Please show up 15 minutes early to get all of your materials. All materials will be provided to you, including campaign flyers, address lists and maps, pens, clip boards, and other materials. You will be given a “script” and training on the candidates’ platforms and issues, so you know how to properly canvass. Groups are welcome to go door-to-door. This is a fun activity and is the most effective way to campaign, so please join us.
Canvass Dates/Times
Phone Bank Signup
Phone activities will be carried out at the same time as door-to-door. Phone bank activities will start at 5:00 pm and take place at Perkins Restaurant (in the side room). Please show up 15 minutes early to get all of your materials. You will need to bring your phone (if you have one). The campaign will provide track phones for those who do not have their own cell phone. We’ll also provide scripts, campaign materials, and training so you can be an effective campaigner. Phone banks are very fun and there’s a lot of camaraderie so please join us for the fun.
Phone Bank Dates/Times
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