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The total cost of the NCS programme is over £1500. We ask parents/guardians to contribute £50 towards this cost. There is no payment required if your child is entitled to Free School Meals, or was entitled when in secondary school.
Sometimes we do limited deals for £35.
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Payment Methods
We ask for a cheque, made payable to Cambridge United Youth and Community Trust, to be sent to The NCS Team, Cambridge United Community Trust, Abbey Stadium, Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8LN.
Alternatively, payment can be made by card, please call our NCS Team on 01223 632129.

Before places are finalised, payment must be received.

Privacy Policy
The information you have provided will be held on computerised and paper-based systems that you may access under the terms of the Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1988. By agreeing to us storing your name and contact information, you are agreeing for it to be shared and used by the Cabinet Office, NCS contractors and their sub contractors, NCS strategic partners, fraud detection agencies, and other organisations that support the delivery of NCS now or in the future. The information you give us may be used to contact you about your NCS application, graduate opportunities, events, research, promotions, competitions, and press and communications activity related to NCS. Our full privacy policy can be viewed at You can withdraw your consent by contacting
Attendance Policy
NCS has limited amount of places. Each NCS place receives funding of over £1500 from the government. If young people give up their place close to the start of programme the place can be very difficult to re-fill, meaning wasted government funds and wasted opportunities for young people. Please help us by agreeing to the pledge below:
I will do everything I can to ensure I am able to fully complete my NCS programme. If i cannot take part i will let my NCS provider know at least one month in advance.
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