Digital Dragons Awards 2023
Hello from Digital Dragons!

Every year we aim to recognize the best and brightest video game releases from Poland and abroad. We've made our initial choices, but once again we need help from you - the developers we celebrate - to select the final few titles that will compete in each category at this year's event. We care about the opinions within the community without which these events would not be possible, so it's only natural that you would have a say in the final selection of Digital Dragons Awards.

Please choose one game in each category - they can obviously overlap if you believe one game rules them all - and stay tuned for the final group of nominees!

5 games will be nominated in each category based on the number of votes.

Voting ends on April 7, 2023.
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Best Polish Game *

This category focuses on awarding the best, most important, greatest Polish work of the past year. The Jury will look at the overall quality of each nominated title: their production values, story, gameplay, careful execution. The winner here must be a step above the competition.

Best Polish Game Design *

Best Polish Game Design is an award for the most innovative, best designed games. We are talking about inventive gameplay, thoroughly refined mechanics, level design, good game loop or simply how enjoyable a game is to play.

Best Polish Game Art *

Best Polish Game Art focuses on visually striking works. This doesn’t refer solely to graphic fidelity. The nominated games can distinguish themselves with intriguing aesthetics, utilizing the latest technologies, good direction, clarity and legibility as well as a well thought out, coherent art direction.

Best Polish Game Audio *

The nominees are distinguished by their overall audio presentation. It’s not just about the best soundtrack – it’s about great sound direction, clarity, dubbing and acting. The winner doesn’t just sound good – it makes sound one of the game’s main characters.

Best Ongoing Polish Game *

Best Ongoing Game means games such as MMOs, live service, gacha, mobile, but also titles supported way after they premiered. This also means games that launched in a less than spectacular manner, but whose creators added new content, listened to feedback and did not abandon its children. This category can feature games released earlier than in the previous calendar year – but its authors must provide proof of active, documented support in the form of large patches, expansions, DLC.

Best Foreign Game *

The Digital Dragons Awards primarily focus on the Polish market, but they cannot ignore the international games industry. The winner of this category will be simply the greatest, best title from outside of Poland: the most well-made, most playable game, setting the tone and rhythm to other creators all over the world.

Please nominate ONE game made outside of Poland.

Please write only the game’s title as presicely as possible. Make sure you don’t make mistakes. If the specific game is distinguished by a number and/or subtitle, please include them.

Only titles released from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 are eligible.

Games released before January 1, 2022 but released on new platforms during the 2022 calendar year are not eligible.

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