Contractor Request Form:
Welcome to a new and exciting service that matches contractors and home-owners. Here’s how it will help you. I’m sure you have had the experience of a friend recommending someone only to be disappointed. Often this is because the best contractor for one client is not ideal for another. You may place a higher value on quality and insurance while your friend liked how friendly and cheap the contractor was. It’s impossible to know who to recommend without first communicating your values! So that’s how this referral service works. You tell us how important something is to you and we’ll look for the closest fit. Place the highest numbers on your top three values, being aware that there may be natural tensions between values such as “fine quality” and “lowest price.” If price is more important, rank that higher. Our goal is to find the best available fit for your needs at this time. Help us see you clearly and we will do our best to find a good fit for you. And once we do, we’ll check in and see how it’s working out.
Please rate the following values using a 1-10 scale, with 10 representing a key value and 0 representing neutral.
It’s important to have my word done by a specific date:
I am very particular about the detailing of work:
I’m happy to pay more for a licensed, bonded and insured contractor:
Good communication is very important to me:
I want to keep costs as low as possible:
I place a high value on creative ideas:
Exceptional service and courtesy is essential:
Sustainability and environmental awareness is a driving value:
I need the freedom to leave town and know that what I ask for will be done exactly as I request it:
I want to hire someone I can enjoy socializing with:
I want to do as much of the work as I can myself for fun or to save money:
Now tell us a bit about the project as it’s framed in your mind right now:
Guessing roughly I would imagine that my project will cost:
My project requires multiple subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers, concrete specialists, fine carpenters, masons, pool specialists etc.
My project will almost certainly need a permit and I want to get one.
My project may require structural engineering and geotechnical reports due to elaborate ideas I have or wanting to do major work on a very steep slope.
This is my first landscape project.
I have already worked with a landscape designer to develop some fairly clear ideas about what we want.
I would like help developing the design ideas first.
(If you don’t have a design and are not planning on getting one you may find this brief article helpful in making an informed decision.)
Anything else you want to tell us about what’s important to you or that will help us find the best professional to help you?
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Feel free to add anything about yourself:
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Are you in a hurry to hear back from us about some emergency work or would you like our focus to be on finding the right person even if it’s outside our normal network?
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Your name:
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Your Partner’s Name:
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Best phone to reach you:
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Alternate Phone:
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Preferred e-mail address:
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List good times of the day to reach you:
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This is the ONLY service of its kind that we know of in the country, which puts you well above average in the contractor experience you are likely to have. Congratulations! You are all done and now it’s my job to find a good fit for you. If I can’t find an ideal fit within our database of vetted contractors and designers I’ll let know what is available and you can decide if the match is adequate for your needs. And remember, there is no charge for this service and you are free to get other bids outside our network to compare price and service!
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