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Childcare Days are days the School is open but there is no class instruction. Childcare is made available to assist working parents. These dates are all listed on the DGM website At-A-Glance Calendar.

Please fill out the Childcare Registration Form below for any childcare dates that you are interested in. It is imperative that you register your child/children (this includes Extended Day children) if you wish to have your child receive care. If you are not registered, we cannot extend childcare services to you since we base our staffing needs on the number of children who are registered.

If you do not register your child during the registration period and miss the deadline; you may contact the front desk to add your child to the wait list. On the Childcare Day, you may call the school at 9:00 a.m. to see if we can accommodate your child for that day.

NOTE: Extended tuition rates include Childcare Days. All other tuition rates do not include Childcare Days and will be billed as follows: Half Day students: A flat rate of $30.00 per child; School Day Children: $50 per child 7:00am-2:30pm plus $7 per hour after 2:30pm. Please see the Parent Handbook under Financial Terms and Conditions.

Hours of operation for ALL Childcare Days: 7:00am-5:00pm and Winter Break is 7:00am-4:00pm.

If you register for a Childcare day and your child does not attend, you will be billed a flat “no show” fee for that day. If you register for multiple Childcare days during a break and your child does not attend, this fee will be billed for each missed day. If you have multiple children, this fee will apply cumulatively to each. This accounts for the school’s expense in staffing in anticipation for each registered child.

If you register for a Childcare day and need to cancel that registration for any reason, you may remove your child from the list up to 2 school days prior to the Childcare days requested. This must be done via email or written notice to the front desk. With timely notice of cancellation, you will not be billed the above fee.

• Please provide a sack lunch for your child at the time of drop off. Our organic kitchen will be closed and therefore no lunch service will be provided on these days.

• You must arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. to receive care on Childcare Days. Staff is released if classrooms are within ratio.

• Please send any cancellation notices directly to Ms. Lisa or drop it off at the front desk.

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Please enter the required information below and select the days for which you wish your child to attend childcare. If you find you will not be utilizing a Childcare Day for which you have pre-registered and you do not provide notification of cancellation at least 2 school days prior to the Childcare Day, you will be billed a flat “no show” fee of $35 for that day.
Fall Break (childcare till 5pm)
Veteran's Day (childcare till 5pm)
Winter Break (childcare till 5pm)
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day (childcare till 5pm)
President's Day (childcare till 5pm)
Spring Break (childcare till 5pm)
Spring Holiday (childcare till 5pm)
Pre-Summer School Break (childcare till 5pm)
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