Tracking Your OCD
Use this to track your OCD symptoms throughout the week. You don't need to catch every symptom.

We're tracking: Triggers, Perceived Threats, and Compulsions
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I am feeling anxious or distressed. What do I think triggered it? (example: "I saw someone cough in front of me.") *
How does my brain say I'm in danger? What meaning did it attach? (example: "They are probably sick and now I'll get sick.") *
Anxiety Level
What level of anxiety does this bring me? *
Low Anxiety
High Anxiety
Did I do anything to get out of the anxiety or relieve it? What am I doing or what do I want to do to gain certainty? (example: "I washed my hands immediately and left the store. I also washed my clothes the second I came home.") *
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