Broadcast News Announcement
All announcements must be submitted before 1st period the day prior you want them aired (e.g. by 8:00am Monday to be read on Monday's news).
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What dates would you like the announcement aired. *
We will only repeat the same announcement (video or audio) two days in a row. If you need more "exposure" we can help you mix it up. Let us know!
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Please write out a short (no more than four or five sentences) script for students to read. Try to use kid comprehensible language. Don’t forget to mention the dates of the event, as well as meeting times & location: *
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I have way more than two sentences and will do a video announcement this way!
Video Announcement Details
If you want to come down and do a Super Fancy announcement or want our reporters to interview you some period other than first, give us some details like time and place.
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