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The intention of the Reel Green program is to engage those in the motion picture industry as we work toward our mission to enable the evolution and implementation of sustainable practices. Sustainable production is a journey and we need committed individuals to help us work toward the Reel Green mission, mitigate negative environmental impacts on productions and advocate the importance of implementing sustainable production best practices to address the challenge of climate change.

What is a Reel Green Ambassador?
Reel Green Ambassadors are committed individuals who support the Reel Green mission and champion new ways of working and raising the profile of sustainability in the motion picture industry. Ambassadorships are for 2-year terms and roll over in the closest calendar year.

Please check your eligibility before filling out the form at

Fill out the form below to apply to be a part of the Reel Green Ambassador team and join the movement to make a greener motion picture industry.

Note we will only be accepting Ambassador applicants from those who are located and working in the province of British Columbia.
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