Pine Belt Women's Expo Exhibitor Registration 2020
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Each exhibitor is required to provide at least $25 in door prizes for the Expo to give away. Please check your preference. (Door prizes for attendees will be given out throughout the Expo. Door prizes for exhibitors will be given out after the Expo closes.) *
If you know what your door prize will be please list it here with its dollar value.
If you are sharing a booth with another business, write their name here. (Each business must submit a registration form.)
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If you selected a Full Booth Space, do you need an additional booth space. (Sponsors, disregard this question.)
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If you selected a Full Booth Space, do you need a booth sign? Bringing your own is recommended (hooks will be provided), but you can purchase a basic black and white sign for $30.
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For 2019 exhibitors only, do you want the same spot as 2019?
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Check that you agree to this statement: I am aware that if I need electrical access that will need to be arranged with the Convention Center directly (a form will be emailed to all exhibitors) and has a separate fee ($75+). *
SPONSORS ONLY: Indicate your sponsorship level here.
SPONSORS ONLY: Indicate your sponsorship level here.
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Thank you for registering for the 2020 Pine Belt Women's Expo!
Contact Jennifer Clark with any questions you may have: or 601-270--2756. Feel free to post on the Expo Facebook page about your participation in this year's Women's Expo (! We will be in touch with more information.
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