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GLITS is passionate about serving our communities with integrity, therefore, we do not involve ourselves in stories or projects that portray LGBTQ sex workers only as victims of trafficking or with hostility. Our founder is well-respected internationally and our communities look to her for leadership. Bad journalism, rude behavior, or not following through with agreements will be publicized within our networks. RESPECT: PLEASE ASK FOR PRONOUNS & TELL US YOURS. UNDERSTAND THAT THE NAMES WE CHOOSE TO USE LITERALLY PROTECT US FROM HARM. What is your story angle?
How did you hear about GLITS?
GLITS speakers are poor and marginalized transgendered and other LGBQ individuals that require all travel costs be paid for by you or your organization on the day of the event or interview. Due to the significant risks of harassment/violence posed by public train or bus transportation for community members, GLITS requires all organizations arrange PRIVATE car services to and from sites. TAXI, UBER, LYFT, or trusted drivers are fine, but no sharing rides such as UBERpool and LYFTline, as this has proven problematic. What is your total budget for travel costs?
If the shoot or interview is longer than 2 hours, a substantial meal will be required for the speakers' time in advance (no reimbursements). If overnight stay is required (such as conferences, etc.), GLITS requires your organization arrange for accommodation (with final approval from speaker) in advance as well as a daily stipend for meals. What is your total budget for accommodation and daily stipend?
GLITS requires a minimum of $200 for a 2 hour consultant fee. What is your total budget for this project, event, interview, or speaking engagement?
If your inquiry is not "in-person" and you have no budget for a consultant fee, GLITS' encourages organizations to donate directly to our other campaigns. Is this a phone/skype/video interview?
How long is this shoot, interview, project or event (include setup, wrap, rehearsal time, publicity shoots, etc.)
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Will any funds be made off of this interview, project, or event or will this be a fundraiser for another organization?
GLITS speakers reserve the right to audio and/or visually record their interviews to ensure accurate portrayal. Are there any conflicts with this?
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