The Plant Fall 2024 Editorial Staff Application Form

Welcome to the Plant's Fall 2024 Applications! If you are interested in joining our team for the upcoming semester(s), please fill out the form below. Keep in mind that to apply you MUST be a Dawson College student who will be in attendance during the Fall 2024 semester. The Plant is a non-profit student paper therefore all the positions are unpaid. If you are passionate about journalism, writing, and art, please apply! We are looking for people who are excited about their work, and have new and interesting ideas/voices to bring to the team. All roles are open to students in any program/profile, but some are more conducive to certain fields of study than others.

If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to send an email to

Please be sure to respect the word count.



Executive Editors

Managing Editor

The Managing Editor is a main member of the Executive team, and works alongside the Editor-in-Chief(s). They are responsible for organization and management of the Paper and production of issues, ensuring the proper coordination and completion of tasks. This includes

  • Keeping track of all articles, their level of completion, status, etc… and updating our organizational tools to make sure all teams are aware.

  • Managing communication with printers, CLL, and other production-related third parties.

  • Coordinating communication between teams/staff.

  • Coming up with article ideas to provide to the rest of staff for each issue.

  • Planning meetings with the Editor-in-Chief.

Copy Editor

The Copy Editors are crucial in ensuring the quality of all articles in The Plant. They are responsible for the 3rd edit pass, checking for:

  • Grammar, spelling, and mechanics

  • Article structure & flow

  • Fact checking

  • General compliance with The Plant’s official Standards and those of the Canadian University Press

Section Editors

Section Editors are responsible for leading each section of The Plant. They review and accept contributions, and edit all articles published in their section. They also, like Staff Writers, write an article for every issue. Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing contributions and working with contributors to help them realize their articles.

  • Editing every article in their section for content, application of Standards, and relevance to the section.

  • Writing an article for every issue, generally for their own section.

News Editor

News articles are the most objective articles in The Plant. They do not explore a specific voice, so much as provide a clear, fact based, objective account of a newsworthy event.

Arts & Culture Editor

Arts & Culture articles cover stories and voices related to film, music, trends, media, specific cultures, food, and anything else related to the Artistic and Cultural worlds we live in.

Science & Environment Editor

The Science & Environment section focuses on scientific issues and lenses. Articles can cover more cultural phenomena, but always through a scientific perspective. Subjects often include environmental issues, psychology issues, and health issues.

Curiosities Editor

Curiosities is the most unique section in The Plant. The Curiosities Editor is responsible for all of the non-text/visual art content in the back half of The Plant. Each issue they generally produce:

  • The Horoscopes

  • The Crossword

  • The Sudoku

They also manage the comic, although comics are generally produced by the Cartoonist, and sometimes edit sections like Dawson Speaks and can come up with their own unique ideas for other Curiosities to put in the last three or so pages. (Recipes, recommendations, etc…)


Staff Writer x2

Staff Writers are responsible for writing an article for every issue of The Plant, for any section. They are responsible for contributing ideas/pitches for articles, and conducting the research for their own articles. Specifically:

  • Coming up with pitches for ideas

  • Pitching articles and ideas, elaborating on a specific angle/perspective

  • Researching and outlining their article, which can include conducting interviews and scholarly research.

  • Writing and editing their articles.

  • Processing edits given by Section, Copy, and Executive Editors, as well as other staff of The Plant.

Graphic Designer
Ideal for Graphic Design students!

The Graphic Designer is responsible for completing the Graphic Design of each issue. They are the ones who take the master doc of all of the content, and make it into the final PDF that we send to the printer. They must be proficient in InDesign or an equivalent platform. They must:

  • Format and design each issue within the deadlines

  • Come up with interesting and new design ideas for the print publication

Cover Artist

The Cover Artist is responsible for creating the cover of every issue of The Plant. We are looking for someone with a consistent artistic style, who is able to produce a full artwork every month, while taking into account current realities.

New! Digital Team

Digital Content Editor

The Digital Content Editor will be responsible for

  • Being the Editorial Leader of the Digital Content Team

  • Managing The Plant’s website, posting articles after each issue

  • Developing and executing digital promotional strategies

  • Contributing to the Digital Content Team, especially helping the DCC.

Digital Content Creator

The Digital Content Creator will be responsible for

  • Creating “still” content for our Instagram, including article highlights, and posting Visual Arts, Creative Writing Content, and the playlist.

    • This includes graphic design.

Video Content Writer x2

The Video Content Writer will be responsible for executing the journalistic production of a short-from video (TikTok/Reel) once every 2 weeks, for the entire length of the semester.

  • Conducting research and writing scripts for short-form video content.

  • Conducting interviews and hosting short-form video content.

  • Working in collaboration with a Video Content Producer

Video Content Producer x2
Ideal for Cinema-Communications students!

The Video Content Producer will be responsible for executing the technical production of short-from video (TikTok/Reel) once every 2 weeks, for the entire length of the semester. They will work in collaboration with a Video Content Writer, handling the filming and editing of video content.

  • Operating video and audio recording equipment, including DSLRs, smartphone cameras, and various sound recorders.

  • Editing videos in software such as Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve

  • Developing a unique and intentional cinematic language for video content at The Plant, accurately depicting unique voices in accordance with The Plant’s journalistic standards.

  • Working with a Video Content Writer to find interesting and creative ways to shoot journalistic scripts


Being a member of The Plant does require a significant investment in time and energy, but is incredibly rewarding. If you are a hard worker, enjoy team work, and desire to grow, The Plant is for you.  

Note: It is possible to apply for multiple positions with 1 application submission. Please specify your preference, and make sure to explain why you are interested in each position. You may also be asked to meet for an interview if need be.

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