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Please complete the form below so that we can understand your needs and think about how we could provide you a service.  
Most people who use this online form tell us that it takes between 5-10 minutes to complete.
By filling in this form you will be helping us to deal with your enquiry as swiftly and as efficiently as possible.
Once you have completed this form, Dr Lamba will arrange a time with you for an informal telephone consultation to discuss the options available (Please note we are a busy practice and may have waiting lists from time to time). Please complete the form fully otherwise we will be unable to process your enquiry. 
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Therapy fees start from a £110 and upwards per hour (usually a 50 minute appointment) depending on if you are self-funding or if a third party organisation is funding your sessions. You may be able to meet with a therapist weekly or fortnightly (setting the appropriate frequency of therapy meetings needs to be carefully assessed and agreed). *
If deemed appropriate, you may end up seeing an Associate Psychologist/Therapist who works as an independent practitioner with us (particularly if Dr Lamba's therapy caseload is full). This initial client enquiry form will need to be shared with the Associate in order for them to consider providing you therapy support. Please can you state you agree to your information being shared with Associates (please select options below) *
Which Associate Psychologist/Therapist are you interested in meeting for a consultation and potential therapy sessions? (Please read their profiles on our website if you are unsure who you might wish to meet. If you are still unsure then please select that option for now). *
If your referral is not processed for any reason, we will destroy this intake form. This is because there will be no need for this information to be stored or held by us in that situation and we would not be providing a service of any kind, so there is no purpose for your personal information to be held. Do you understand and agree? *
I agree that I will seek GP or Emergency Services support, if I feel I am in crisis. *
Please confirm you agree with this statement: I have answered the above questions truthfully and honestly, and to the best of my knowledge. I recognise that withholding important information that is necessary for reviewing and/or processing my referral, to provide a potential therapeutic service can be harmful and prohibits therapists from providing quality service of any level. *
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