Greetings! Thank you for being interested in becoming a Quaver Ranking Supervisor.

Ranking Supervisors are important members of the Quaver Team. They are responsible for reviewing mapsets in the ranking queue and nominating them to be officially ranked. Ranking Supervisors are also heavily involved in having in-depth discussions with each other and the developers about how to improve both the ranking process and criteria.

We are looking for active individuals who are experienced in both map creation and reviewing (modding). Applicants must also be great at communicating with other supervisors and community members.

Before applying, make sure you meet the following requirements:

1. You have a Quaver account.
2. You are in the Quaver discord -
3. You must be able to identify issues within maps.
4. You are familiar with our current ranking process -
5. You are familiar with our current ranking criteria -

This application will begin with basic questions that apply to all game modes and will move to mode-specific questions later on.
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