Elections Committee Application
Background: Each spring, the Associated Students of Colorado State University - YOUR student government - hold annual ASCSU elections for President, Vice President, Speaker of the Senate and Senators. The elections are overseen by the ASCSU Elections Committee, which is made up of an Elections Manager, along with 8-12 members of the student body. The Elections Manager is appointed by the ASCSU President; each of the Elections Committee Members are selected by the Elections Manager and ASCSU President, and must be approved by the ASCSU Senate.

Membership applications are due on Monday, February 20, 2017 by 5PM. Potential members will be asked to sign up for interviews upon submitting the application. Elections Committee members are expected to be unbiased and neutral toward every candidate and campaign who participates in the election. This time commitment may involve anywhere from three to twelve hours a week. You will be expected to attend every meeting for the Elections Committee; however exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Elections Manager on an individual basis. Members of the committee will not be expected to miss class in order to attend to committee business. In addition to attending regularly scheduled meetings of the Elections Committee, members will be expected to perform other duties to support the election, such as working directly with candidates and campaigns to provide information about election rules and processes, assists in the training of candidates and campaigns during Elections Orientation Sessions held the week before Spring Break, as well as observing every aspect of the execution of the ASCSU Election. While the Elections Committee serves as the oversight board for all election-related issues, you will never be asked to personally enforce any election rules or regulations. Members of the Elections Committee serve only as advisors to the election process, and as a jury in the case of any rules violation questions that arise.

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The ASCSU Elections Committee must remain ‘impartial and unbiased’ throughout all of its proceedings. Describe your ability and commitment to put your biases on hold for the duration of the Elections season. *
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Statement of Adherence to the ASCSU Code of Ethics
It is within the realm of possibility for Elections Committee members to be solicited for favors from other members of ASCSU, specifically those involved in campaigns. This could involve bribes, lobbying, or petitions to bend rules in a certain fashion. Clearly, bending any rule to the favor of one candidate would represent a conflict of interest, and would be improper under the ASCSU Code of the Ethics. This relevant portion is below: Sec. 3-1 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT -- OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES

No officer or employee of ASCSU shall:

(A) Use their official position to solicit special privileges or exemptions for themselves or others that might reasonably tend to influence them in the discharge of their official duties, or grant in the discharge of their official duties any improper favor, service or thing of value;

(B) Grant any special consideration, treatment or advantage to any student, individual, student organization or group beyond that which is normally available to every other student, individual, student organization or group.

(C) Engage in any outside activities which will conflict with, or will be incompatible with, their position as an officer of ASCSU, or the duties assigned to them in their employment with ASCSU.

(D) (1) No officer or employee of ASCSU, while acting in their capacity or in the course and scope of their employment, shall use the influence or prestige of their position or title as an employee or officer of ASCSU for or against any candidate for any elected office of ASCSU, but shall at all times maintain the nonpartisan policy of ASCSU.

(2) No officer or employee of ASCSU shall be prohibited from participating in any political process solely in his or her individual capacity as a private citizen.

(E) (1) No officer or employee of ASCSU shall knowingly perform or refuse to perform any act to deliberately obstruct the
execution of ASCSU policy, rules or regulations, or the achievement of official ASCSU programs.

(2) No officer or employee of ASCSU shall use ASCSU supplies, equipment or facilities for any purpose other than the conduct of official ASCSU business, unless otherwise provided for by law, or ASCSU policy.

(3) No officer or employee of ASCSU shall engage in any conduct prejudicial to the government of ASCSU or that reflects discredit upon the government of ASCSU.

By signing below you affirm that you have read and understood the above ASCSU Code of Ethics section, and shall at all times strive to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. *
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