School & District Planning Form
Use this electronic form to encapsulate your notes from the day regarding how you will share professional learning experiences and resources with your principal and teachers in your school.
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Please type your name and the name of the school(s) at which you work.
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TPGES: So far, we've had activities for learning about 1f, 2b, 3b, and 3c. *
How might you share your understanding of the TPGES and how it "fits" with CHETL with your principal and colleagues in your school? Which resources will you use? What is your timeframe?
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Task Congruency to Standards *
What is a tentative plan for assisting your principal and teachers in understanding assessment as it relates to congruency to standards? Which resources will you use? Timeframe?
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Formative Assessment Lessons *
What are your next steps in sharing information with your principal and additional teachers in your school? Timeframe?
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CCSSM: We have used resources such as Van de Walle, Illustrative Mathematics, NYC Units, NCTM and NCSM modules, etc. to deepen understanding of the Mathematical Content and Practice Standards. *
Which of these do you plan to use to deepen understanding of colleagues in your school? What is the long-term plan? How is your principal involved in this plan?
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Assessment Literacy: We continue to explore formative assessment strategies and how assessment can be used to activate students as owners of their own learning. *
What resources do you need to assist you in sharing this with your colleagues? How do you plan to share 'best assessment practices"?
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Barriers *
What are some barriers you face when you attempt to share MTLN content with your principal and others? Time constraints? Overwhelmed teachers? Please be as specific as possible.
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