Play Therapy Skills
Hello and welcome to the registration for our Play Therapy Skills Programme.

Please note that this is not an introductory course and participants should have received prior training in Play Therapy before enrolling.

Participants are recommended to have completed at least one of the following programmes and be familiar with the principles of Play Therapy:

- Level 1 Play Therapy or
- Play Therapy as a Counselling Tool

If you have not completed one of the above courses but have received Play Therapy training from another provider, please email: to check your eligibility. If you have not yet undertaken any training in Play Therapy, please visit: to see our available courses.

This training program comprises of six modules and is designed to further your knowledge and skills in the field of Play Therapy.

You may contact the presenter at anytime with any questions relating to the course and you will receive personalised feedback and correspondence for each module. The programme will cover the following topics:

1) The Play Therapy Room.
Participants will receive a tutorial video and additional material relating to the Play Therapy room - design, materials, basic principles when setting up the room.
The use of nature and outdoor spaces; embodiment, projective and role play materials; puppetry; books; dramatic play; art; sand tray, etc. will all be discussed.
Participants will submit two Play Therapy room designs:
a) Your ideal Play Therapy Room
b) How you could set up the room in your current practice (home/school/professional setting).

2) Understanding Symbols and Metaphors.
Participants will engage in practical activities to further understand the power of symbols and metaphors in Play Therapy. A tutorial video and additional materials will be provided.

3) The Neurobiological Power of Play
Participants will gain an understanding of how play impacts the brain and body.

4) Reflecting Listening an Language Skills
Participants will further their skills by critically reflecting on a series of mock Play Therapy sessions to understand how to address and respond to children and situations which may occur in their Play Therapy session.

5) Group and Family Therapy
Participants will learn a number of therapeutic interventions for group and family therapy. The powers of art, music, movement and metaphor in groups will be discussed, along with the benefits of adopting a systemic practice.

6) Creative Assessment Techniques and Endings in Play Therapy
Participants will learn and engage in a number of practical creative assessment techniques and understand how they can be applied in the context of Play Therapy.
The importance of Endings in Play Therapy will be discussed and participants will understand the process involved in ending a series of Play Therapy sessions with clients.

The programme is now running and you will receive your first materials within 48hrs of completing registration, providing you have completed your prior Play Therapy training. You may then begin the course at your own convenience, there are no deadlines or time restrictions. If you are still currently undertaking the Play Therapy as a Counselling Tool programme then you will be sent the first batch of materials upon completion of this course.

Full course price is 8000 INR but we are happy to offer a special discounted rate of 6500 INR, or 6000 INR if you are a member of the National Association for Play Therapy India.
(Not yet a member? Click here to register:

Payment in INR can be made via Cheque/Cash/Online Transfer to:

Name: Ben Oliver Davidson
Account Number: 602701553934
Account Type: Savings
IFSC Code: ICIC0006027

Direct Payments by card can also be made in to the above account via Google Pay or PayTM.

You can also send money via Google Pay to +91 7397 432 579

Payments by Debit/Credit Card can also be made through PayPal ( by sending money to:

PLEASE COMPLETE THE PAYMENT AND THEN FILL IN THE FOLLOWING FORM TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS. If possible, please send a picture of the transaction confirmation via Whatsapp or Email.


Please do not hesitate to contact the presenter, Lucy Bowen, should you have any queries:

WhatsApp: +919663995980

For more information about the National Association for Play Therapy India, please visit
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