"The Odyssey revisited: Teaching European values in a divided continent"
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Have you been on an Erasmus plus mobility before? *
Did you enjoy the experience of the exchange in Greece? *
Have you made new friends during the mobility? *
Did you like the school activities? *
Rate the school activities in terms of difficulty *
Did you cooperate well with students from other countries and different cultures? *
Is your awareness of other European cultures better now? *
Are you more confident when you speak English now? *
Has the mobility prompted you to think about the educational system in your country? *
If the answer to the previous question was a "Yes" or "Maybe", what do you think should change in your school?
Do you know more about the refugee crisis now? *
Do you think your attitude towards refugees has been affected? *
Do you feel empathy towards the character of Ody? *
Do you know more about Homer's the Odyssey now? *
Do you think the values in the Odyssey can be useful in the modern world? *
Which character in the Odyssey did you find more interesting? Why? *
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Rank the following values in order of importance in the modern world choosing number 1 for the most important up to number 5 for the least important. Use each number only once. *
Did the mobility help you understand European geography better? *
Do you feel more of a European citizen after taking part in this mobility? *
Did the mobility help you become more capable of organising a trip? *
Did you learn to collaborate with other young people during the mobility? *
Did the mobility help you develop a sense of initiative? *
Did you have difficulty adjusting to the host family's habits and rules?
Did you have difficulty adjusting to the host school's habits and rules? *
Did you find it difficult to eat foreign food? *
Name one dish you loved and one you hated *
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Did you like the daily trips during the mobility? *
Which trip or activity did you like the most? Explain why. *
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What is your opinion of the programme of daily activities at school and outside of school? *
Did you miss your family during the mobility? *
Are you now more open to living in a foreign country after you leave school? *
Has your perception of the culture of the six countries in the project changed? *
Are you looking forward to the next mobility in Italy? *
Select one day during the mobility and write a short description, as if you were writing in your diary. Be honest! *
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