Robby Blanchard - Project Platinum Launch Affiliate Program JV Request Page
Pre-Launch Begins: Wednesday, March 22nd 2023
Launch Day: Monday, March 27th 2023 - Thursday, April 6th 2023

Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partners,

I'm so excited to announce the upcoming 2023 dates for the Project Platinum launch!

This launch is all about helping people reach Platinum on Clickbank which means doing over $250,000 online in one year.

To date we've helped over 100 people become Clickbank Platinum and it's our goal to help everyone that joins Project Platinum reach that goal as well.

This is a brand new angle, brand new course and brand new software designed to help even more people have success.

My students have done over $100,000,000 on Clickbank to date and I know that Project Platinum will supercharge success for everyone involved.

This launch will be BIG… unlike any other:

- One Main Goal: Help students reach Platinum on Clickbank ($250k).
- Software Suite: We've built a brand new software suite from the ground up using A.I. software.
- Amazing Results: Our students have made over $100 million to date on Clickbank.

What is Project Platinum?

This brand new for 2023 system expands on the core Commission Hero system that has helped so many people have success in the last few years.

Project Platinum was created because when I attended the Clickbank Platinum event in Costa Rica, there were over 30 of my students there who had made Platinum (which is $250,000) in a year!

On top of that, I found out that of the 600 or so people that have made Platinum, over 30% of them are my students!

That's why I created Project Platinum...

My goal this year is to help 1000 people get to the $250,000 mark on Clickbank and do it through my proven 3 step system. And I know I can make this happen with your help!

With Project Platinum, students get access to a full 6 week masterclass with this most up to date strategies to promote Clickbank products on Facebook and Youtube, brand new A.I. driven software that makes running ads practically automated, plus a ton of additional bonuses that will increase results....and conversions.

And the results speak for themselves...

We've seen students make as much as $52,000 in a SINGLE Day, Over $500,000 in a single month and we've had some students make over $5 Million Dollars using this system in a single year!

The Project Platinum method is a simple, easy to follow system that allows students to generate commissions without worrying about building an email list, customer service or support or having to create their own product.

People are going to be PUMPED when they see all the social proof, student success and the easy to use software.

In addition to all of the incredible updates to the system, we are also adding SO much more that will help student who join have even more success (and help make you more money in affiliate sales!):

- A BRAND NEW angle and A.I Software that is guaranteed to help people succeed.
- Updated traffic source training with Facebook, Youtube and more.
- Secret insider contacts to help students have a competitive edge

... and much much more.

Prelaunch kicks off on March 22nd, 2023

The goal of pre-launch is to warm up people prior to the webinars.

Our prelaunch will consist of two main components...

1. The $100,000,000 case study PDF: In this PDF we'll be showcasing how our students have made over $100,000,000 collectively on Clickbank in the last few years.

2. Case studies: We'll be sharing real life example of student success.

Promoting the pre-launch is critical for your success in this launch.

Then on March 27th the cart opens, webinars begin and Project Platinum begins!

Why Should You Promote Project Platinum?

1. High Conversion: Over the last 4 launches we've generated over $5 million in commissions for our partners.

At $2497 price point with 50% commission and with the brand new Project Platinum angle, new software and webinar...we expect this to be your biggest payday yet!

2. Cash Prizes: With over $150,000 prizes and more...there is no doubt if you go all in on this launch, you will be rewarded.

3. The Best Training: There is no other affiliate marketing program out there that has the amount of success stories and proven track record like we do.

4. Premium Product: We always build our programs as if they should be sold for $10,000 or more. We spend a TON in development to make sure customers have a great experience and results.

5. Conversions: Our webinars convert as high as 18% in many cases so that results in big time commissions for you!

Bonus Reason: If you are a large affiliate, we'll run the whole thing for you including doing the custom pages, running the webinar and more!

It doesn't matter if your list/audience is in the IM space, crypto, e-com, self help or anything in between...this offer has been proven to convert to all of them!

Once you're approved as an affiliate, we'll be sending more information in the coming weeks!

Thanks for your interest in supporting Project Platinum!

- Robby Blanchard



I'm an officially approved and appointed JV Broker for Robby Blanchard's Project Platinum launch, and he is very particular when it comes to the quality and reputation of the affiliate marketers he chooses to partner with.

*** If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, with the proven ability to convert and retain multiple sales of a high ticket product during the course of a pre-determined launch period, using ONLY white hat tactics, and you're interested in connecting with the Project Platinum JV Team to request your participation in the upcoming launch as an affiliate, please fill out the form below. ***

Thanks in advance,

Mike Merz Sr
Officially Appointed JV Broker for Robby Blanchard's Project Platinum launch.

Legal - Your contact information will not be traded, sold, or given away.


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