Rules Quiz 9/4/2017
Quiz #2
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A player in a Youth 12 & Under game "Body Checks" an opponent. The player falls to the ice but is not injured. The referee must assess which of the following penalties?
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Player A1 is assessed a double minor penalty and player B1 is assessed a single minor penalty. The stoppage of play occurred in the Attacking Zone of Team A. Where is the ensuing face-off?
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The head coach is assessed a bench minor penalty for improper conduct during the first period. During the second period the coach again exhibits improper conduct. Is the coach assessed a game misconduct because the improper conduct has been repeated?
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During the course of a youth hockey game, Team A receives 17 penalties.What is assessed to the head coach at the conclusion of the game?
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With the goalkeeper on the ice, which situation would result in an awarded goal?
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