Rhythmic Force Staff Application 2023-2024
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If references are not provided on the resume please list 3 references here.  Reference Name / email / and cell phone.  
Which section of the ensemble are you most interested in joining/teaching?
As a second choice, or if coverage is needed - Which sections of the ensemble are you interested in joining/teaching?
Rhythmic Force is participating with WGI and TCGC/NTCA.  All staff members are required to complete and pass a national background check with NCSI (The National Center for Safety Initiatives).  If chosen as a staff member, you would need to provide all personal information requested (including SSN) in order to perform the background check.  
If chosen as a staff member, you understand that you would be required to complete all health and safety trainings set forth by WGI and TCGC/NTCA and follow any Staff Conduct Guidelines set by Rhythmic Force.
If chosen as a staff member, you understand that you would be required to attend all scheduled staff meetings, as long as they don't conflict with your other work/ professional responsibilities.
The staff conduct expectations set forth by Rhythmic Force require that all staff members represent the organization with professionalism and care.  If chosen as a staff member, do you understand that your personal social media accounts must remain professional while you are affiliated with Rhythmic Force?
At Rhythmic Force, our annual budget and staff attendance dictate how many staff members we are able to fly to WGI World Championships.   If we are not able to purchase your plane ticket, you can still join us by purchasing your own plane ticket.  
How did you hear about / become interested in our ensemble? What do you think about the direction Rhythmic Force is taking?  Why do you want to teach at Rhythmic Force, and how do you see yourself contributing to the team?
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