Psychology Job Market Survey (2019-2020 cycle)
This survey is designed to help people in psychology/cogsci get a better sense of the recent state of the job market. This form is for people who applied for jobs in the 2019-2020 job market (i.e., those jobs that you would have heard back from by now).

The survey is intended to be anonymous, but please keep in mind that some items (especially institution, age, gender, and ethnicity) could identify you, in practice, since a relatively small number of people may fill it out. If you would like to be sure that your responses remain anonymous, it's totally fine to leave those items blank.

We are using the term "Psychology" broadly and do not intend to exclude cognitive science, neuroscience, etc. If you think you might be a reasonable person to fill this out, please do! Also, please share widely with anyone you know who was on the job market!

If there is sufficient interest from the community, we may post data from this survey publicly (note that we've added a data sharing question to the end of the survey; we will only share your data give us permission to do so).

Sam Mehr and Gord Pennycook made this. If you'd like to discuss, hit us up on Twitter! &
Questions about you
What is your current academic career stage? *
In what area(s) of the field do you work? *
In what country is your home institution? *
If you prefer not to respond, make up the name of a fictional country here.
What is your gender? *
What is your age? *
Enter a number, in years. If you prefer not to say, enter 999.
What is your ethnicity? *
If you prefer not to say, enter "Prefer not to say".
What is your home institution?
This question is optional, but if you are comfortable filling it out, please do.
How many years did you spend as a graduate student? *
If you did your master's degree separately from your PhD, please include in your response the time you spent in both.
How many classes have you taught, as a primary instructor, as of today? *
Note that we're not talking about TAships here. If you taught the same class more than once, count each one individually (e.g., if you've led intro psych for two years, twice per year, you'd enter 4 here).
How many years did you spend as a postdoc? *
How many months, if any, of parental/family leave did you take during grad school and/or postdoc? *
If you took leave for other reasons, you could include that here too if you like.
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