Healthcare Professional Research Survey
This brief survey will help me to serve other healthcare professionals struggling with loss of identity, exhaustion, regret, burnout, and other issues impacting their career progression. These questions about your experiences overcoming such circumstances provide additional insight which will be used solely for research purposes.

After submitting your survey you will have the option to connect further and schedule a call with me.

Thanks for your service and help!
~ Coach Ty
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What is your healthcare profession and career setting? *
How did you hear about me? *
Have you seen videos about my experience with burnout in medicine? *
What part(s) of my story, videos, or messages did you relate to the most? Why? *
What was your turning point where you knew you had to make a change and couldn't go back? *
Did you financially invest in any resources to help you make that change? *
What were the top 3 things that helped you to overcome your experience? How did they help? *
What did you learn about yourself from your experience? *
How have your career and routine changed since that experience? *
May I follow-up with you about your experience? *
If yes, how do you prefer for me to contact you? (Please include your first name and email or phone number)
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