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North Branford High School
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Data Team Review
The NBHS Data Team reviews at least three standardized assessments (or series of assessments). If students perform below proficiency on two of the three assessments, their English and Social Studies teachers are asked to consider whether or not they would benefit from increased support in a literacy lab environment.

The assessments are the standardized 8th grade measure from NBIS (iReady), the 8th grade results from Smarter Balanced, the PSAT 8/9 or PSAT 10/11, and/or the SWR scores from Social Studies or English assessments.

For more information on the results of those assessments for individual students, please see Mr. Gwudz or Mr. Ford.
Teacher Perspective/Feedback
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Please list additional assessments (other than the ones listed in the Data Team section) and the grades received on those assessments that you feel provide additional support for your decision. You might include such things as essays, quizzes, or tests, for example. *
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Major Areas of Concern in Reading and Writing
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