Paxton Schools ESSER III Survey
Paxton schools has been given federal funding in response to COVID-19 and we need your feedback on how to best use the restricted ESSER resources for potential projects to aid in improving the health, safety and learning for all students and staff.
How would you rate the 21-22 Return to School Plan *
Suggestions for improving the Return to School Plan.
How would you rate Paxton Schools response to the pandemic (COVID-19) *
Suggestions for improving Paxton Schools response to the pandemic.
What are the Strengths of the Return to School Plan?
What are the Weaknesses of the Return to School Plan?
Below is a list of approved projects for ESSER III Funds. Please select the project(s) you support. *
Please share any additional thoughts or concerns regarding the districts “Return to School” plan or use of ESSER III funds.
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