Honors Peer Advisor Form for New Applicants (Spring 2019)
Role of the Honors Peer Advisors:
The role of the Honors Peer Advisors is foremost to provide mentorship and be responsive to the needs of the UHP community. Advisors act as representatives of the UHP by being open, receptive, and genuine in conveying their Honors experiences to those inside and outside the program. They are expected to be present at and engaged in all UHP events and initiatives.

Expectations Of Honors Peer Advisors:

 Attend mandatory training sessions (about once/month in the fall and once in the spring)
 Attend the Honors Community Welcome
 Attend advising programming (small group meetings, four year planning meetings, etc.)
 Attend UHP sponsored community programming (faculty talks, Student Faculty Dinner, etc.)
 Attend admissions events
 If available, attend Colonial Inauguration academic briefing

 Contact assigned first-year students
 Have a meeting to approve four-year plan
 Have a follow-up meeting after students meet with an advisor
 Check in around Thanksgiving break
 Check in within the first month of second semester
 Participate in Honors Peer Advisor communication efforts such as blog posts

 CC uhppeers@gwu.edu for all emails
 Update electronic checklist to track advisor requirements
 Complete surveys and provide feedback in a timely manner


Name *
School *
Year *
Hometown *
GW Email Address *
Phone Number *
Major(s)/Concentration(s) and/or Minor(s)/Undecided *
Please list one UHP faculty or staff who can be called upon as a recommender, if needed. *
*NOTE* You do not need to ask this individual to submit a letter of recommendation. They will be contacted directly if needed!
Short Answer Questions
Please answer the following short answer questions. No answer should exceed 250 words.
Describe why you think you would make a good peer advisor and note how you think you could grow in the role. *
If you could travel back in time to your first semester of college (or last summer, if you're a first-year student), what advice would you give to your younger self? *
Describe your other involvement on and off campus! We like for the Honors Peer Advisors to reflect a range of experiences.
Advising Questions
The following questions are designed to convey you advising abilities.
Briefly outline the curriculum requirements of the Honors Program. *
What is the Honors Program GPA requirement? *
Broadly, what Honors Program courses double count for requirements in your school? *
How many credits are required for the Organizational Sciences major? *
An advisee asks you a question you don’t know how to answer. What resources are available to you to find answers? *
Writing Sample
Write a sample email to introduce yourself to your advisees. This email would be sent in the early weeks of June before your advisees have registered for classes, and should include any advice you think they would need or questions you may ask at that time. You can be playful, serious, creative, straightforward - whatever you think best represents you! *
Final Questions
Are you planning on going abroad in the following year? We want you to apply but if selected we'll have to work out your responsibilities on an individual basis. *
Select all that apply.
Can you commit to attending required peer advising events? *
Time commitments for Peer Advisors include: a required training session in the spring of 2019 and at least once a month in the fall of 2019; Honors advising programming; and other UHP events as your schedule permits.
If no, please explain what conflicts you foresee.
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