Kings Dominion Scavenger Hunt 2020
Use Google Street View to answer the following questions about Kings Dominion. Video help on using Street View:
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1. What is the clearance of the parking booth in inches?
2. What oversized item is in the center of the entry plaza?
3. What attraction is listed as "not operating today"?
4. Who sells "Shorts & Shades"?
5. What frozen fruit is available at Boardwalk Fries?
6. What Redish-Orange prize can you win at Bowlingo?
7. What band plays at the fountain stage?
8. Lockers 3576-3660 are near what building with a red awning?
9. BBQ Brew Fest occurs on how many days?
10. The zebra is near which attraction or building?
11. What movie is showing in the 3D Theater?
12. Joe Cool drives what color car?
13. What items are on the display rack at the Package Pickup Center?
14. What type of "warning" is on hanger 18?
15. What type of dinosaurs may have a "social network"?
16. In the campground, the luxury campground cabins are located on what road?
17. Which clock in the park is displaying the time 12:12?
18. What type of balls are hanging in the main display window at Plaza Gifts?
19. The person looking at the splash house is wearing what color?
20. Which Peanuts character is near the sign mentioning Avalanche and the Sky Pilot
21. Which picnic pavilion is listed last?
22. What roller coaster sign is decorated with red, white, and blue bows and ribbons?
23. You can "Celebrate Peanuts" for entertaining us for how many years?
24. A red-headed person wearing a US flag shirt and US flag shorts is doing what with two other people?
25. Another person wearing a US flag shirt and US flag shorts is leaving which ride?
26. What is the topiary athlete sitting on?
27. What body part is painted on the bottom of the Crypt ride vehicle?
28. Which clock in the park is displaying the time 10:36?
29. How many trash cans have the Dinosaurs Alive logo? (They are all in one area)
30. The man wearing the google street view camera backpack is wearing what color shirt? Hint: find a mirror
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