Application for: CoPassion Staff
At CoPassion we believe you can change the world by integrating faith and work and by helping others do the same. We offer you the opportunity to play an important role in transforming college students and emerging leaders into Christ-centered leaders the world needs and companies want most. Our desire is to attract staff who are passionate about integrating faith and work and investing in the next generation of spiritual leaders.
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Position Overview
First priority for all CoPassion staff is to be growing daily by abiding in Jesus Christ. All staff must be able to meet and set initial meetings with prospective students, mentors, individual supporters, companies and churches for discipleship.

General Expectations
Daily abiding in Christ and gospel centrality in life and speech.

Attend weekly staff meetings and applicable activities throughout the week.

Invite others to Christ and train others to do so also.

Invest in others spiritually and professionally on a weekly basis through 1 on 1, small group and large group meetings along with other outreach initiatives.


Assist in establishing company partners and subscribers to

Connect with individual, company and church ministry partners regularly through prayer letters and one on one appointments.
Minimum Education/Experience
Significant industry experience within 1 or more fields of study. (not including intern or field staff)

Three years of industry experience. (B2B sales or recruiting experience helps) (not including intern or field staff)

A solid theological framework that majors on the majors and minors on the minors, they know the difference between essential and nonessential issues in Christian doctrine.

A bachelor’s degree would be preferred. (not including interns)
Briefly write out your testimony of how you came to faith in Christ.
Using what you learned about CoPassion from our website, position overview above, and any other research you choose to conduct, describe how God has prepared you to serve at CoPassion on staff?
Why is this right time for you to serve in this role? Are you willing to “Count the cost” to serve in such a role and why?
Describe what Christ-centered leadership means to you. Tell us how this has affected your education and career. What factors or habits are currently contributing to the vitality of your daily walk and how you serve others?
Have you ever filed bankruptcy or for general protection from your creditors?
Clear selection
Please share your personal as well as your work related goals (needs, wants, desires, hopes, expectations, dreams).
Provide the names and contact information (telephone numbers and email addresses) of four references who know you and your career well enough to comment on your suitability for this position. (References will only be contacted after we have requested and received your permission to do so). References must be one employer/supervisor, one pastor, one friend, and one co-worker.
Do you give us permission to contact references?
Process of Candidacy
1. Candidate applies for position.

2. Initial Phone Screen.

3. LifeThrive disc profile.

4. Informal meet and greet.

5. A writing assignment on 5c’s - (Competence, Character, Calling, Chemistry, Contribution)

6. Strengths Finder Assignment.

7. Reference Check - (Employers, Pastor, Superior, Friend, Co-worker)

8. Formal interview with team.

9. Team pray & review.

10. A full day of shadowing the team.

11. Set up an initial meeting with a potential partner within your network.

12. A write-up of their experience with shadowing the team.

13. Final team pray & review.

14. Extend offer.
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