Feral Cat Recovery Centre Reservation Form 2020-V1
Completion of this form implies that you have read and agreed to the conditions of the Feral Cat Recovery Centre found on our website.


The Feral Cat Recovery Centre (the "Centre") is available for post surgical recovery of feral and free roaming cats. Completion of this form implies that you have read and agreed to the terms laid out on our website.

Caretakers are no longer expected to care for their own cats during recovery. Only trained and authorized volunteers are permitted in the recovery area. Due to this change in policy, intake of cats in to the Centre must go through a Centre manager and is restricted to certain dates and times only. Discharge dates and times will be scheduled with the caretaker shortly after surgery.

All caretakers/trappers are expected to abide by the following policies:

1. By bringing this cat to the centre, you are assuming responsibility for the welfare of the cat.
2. The centre provides services for feral cat recovery only. The number of tame cats brought in by each caretaker will be tracked and any suspected misuse of the centre will result in ineligibility for future use.
3. The centre does not provide bottle feeding, socializing, or boarding services for kittens.
4. Cats with tipped left ears, therefore readily identifiable as an altered cat, will not be admitted into the centre.
5. All pregnant queens admitted to the centre will be spayed.
6. If a lactating female is trapped, the cat will be spayed and the caretaker will release her within 12-24 hours of trapping so that she can care for and nurse her kittens.
7. To ensure that surgery is not performed on the same cat twice, the distal tip of the left ear of every cat will be removed.
8. Unless directed by a veterinarian, cats will not be held at the centre while recovering from common ailments such as URI, diarrhea, eye infections, minor wounds, etc.
9. Caretakers agree to pick up the cat on the assigned discharge date regardless if the cat is found to be tame or feral. Failure to abide by discharge dates will result in loss of future use of the centre.
10. Any cat not picked up within 72 hours of discharge date will be considered abandoned and will be released by a centre volunteer to the release address (must be provided by the caretaker on intake) or dealt with in a manner that may include euthanasia if a humane alternative cannot be found.
11. Any cat that has bitten a volunteer will be held at the centre for a minimum of 10 day quarantine and such bite will be reported to Toronto Public Health.
12. Toronto Cat Rescue centre managers will have the authority to authorize the humane euthanasia of any cat found to be in distress or suffering while at the centre after attempts to reach the caretaker have been unsuccessful.
13. The centre managers reserve the right to deny centre use to any caretaker for any reason, including abuse of the service, abuse or disparagement of the volunteers or staff of any Toronto Feral Cat Coalition group, not adhering to centre policies, and not following TNR and colony management best practices.
14. All cats must arrive in traps. Cats arriving in a carrier will not be admitted.
15. Unless an extended recovery time is advised by a veterinarian, all cats will be recovered in their traps.

All caretakers are expected to sign a User Agreement prior to using the Recovery Centre.
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