Volunteer application for Elysium Island Festival 2019
Elysium Island Festival 2019
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Participation @ Elysium Island Festival
Thank you for your interest in participating in 5th edition of Elysium Island Festival. Elysium Crew invites you to join and support our local team in building unique place on the mother Earth. This is a great opportunity for talented and creative individuals and groups to join our team in preparation phase. This application is intended for volunteers who want to have unique time on the island and share our values working together with us.
This year we have three programs for individuals or groups:

- TERRA (EARTH) program - This program is intended to enable things to happen on the island bringing the right order. On the same way the basest element “Earth” was created by combining different elements, we will prepare the island for more creative work using all these elements. This program includes all preparation activities such as mowing, disposing dropped trees, raking by respecting the unique flora and fauna on the island.
Duration of the program: 10 days
Participation possible from: April 1st till May 31st

- (AIR) PROGRAM– The “Air” element is known as an element of creativity, intelligence, energy of movement. Regarding that, Elysium is looking for talented, visionary, creative people to participate in Elysium art program. This will include making different art installations like oasis, land art, guide signs, and so on... Festival wants to be a place where your creativity blooms, so just let your imagination and vibration lead you while we make a piece of art! For this program we are looking for people with the necessary knowledge and abilities in the field of forestry, gardening, art, electricity, land art making.
Duration of the program: 10 days
Participation possible from: June 1st till July 15th

- Ignis (FIRE) PROGRAM –We are looking for the fire energies to help us build the festival constructions. “Ignis (Fire)” literally means to grind, to sharpen. It is all about making some form. And just like that, your task will be to make the main form of the festival- you will be responsible for the constructions and installations. This program requires people with the specialized qualifications: electricians, plumbers, technicians, machinists, masters for wood processing, people with the knowledge of permaculture.
Duration of the program: 10 days
Participation possible from: May 1st till June 30th

We call you to be a part of this place of sandy Earth, where the Water is fine, the Air is clear and the energy is on Fire, all balanced in the infinity of Aether!
All volunteer applications will be open till May 31st . Only selected volunteers will be contacted for short skype interview.
What are we offering?
If you participate in one of the programs we will provide to you:
- Food for the working day
- Accommodation in tents
- Toilets and showers
- Fun, positive vibe and attitude
- Free ticket for the 5th edition of Elysium Island Festival
What we expect from participants?
Selected volunteers need to participate actively during 8 hours working day. Positive attitude and smile is mandatory :).

Please note that information provided in this form will be exclusively used for selection of volunteers for 5th edition of Elysium Island Festival.

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