RESF Raffle
Thank you for entering our raffle, your entry helps fund scholarships for students in Oregon and Washington studying renewable energy.

Buy as many raffle tickets as you like. The more tickets you apply to any prize, the better your chances.

Ticket prices:

Up to 20 tickets, $2 each
21-50 tickets, $1.50 each
Over 50 tickets, $1 each

$50 at Ox
$100 at Ned Ludd
$100 at Raven and Rose
$100 at Nostrana
**Gift certificates do not expire.
Wine tasting for 8 at Maryhill Winery, valued at $416
$100 gift card at Columbia Sports Outlet Store
Backpack and contents from Patagonia, valued at $233

Decide how many tickets you want and distribute them as you wish. After you are done, you will be directed to our Paypal page where you can pay for your tickets.

Drawing will be held about a month after we open the raffle, or longer if we have not sold enough tickets.

Renewable Energy Scholarship Foundation,
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$50 at Ox Restaurant (indicate number of tickets) NOTE as far as we know this restaurant plans to open for business soon.
$100 at Ned Ludd Restaurant (indicate number of tickets) NOTE as far as we know this restaurant is open for business.
$100 at Raven and Rose Restaurant (indicate number of tickets) NOTE This one is quite risky. Open Table says that this restaurant is closed permanently. The building is boarded up, and their website takes you to a clothing site. However, it seems likely that something will eventually appear on this spot, and there is a slight possibility that they will honor our gift certificate. Don't bet on it, however: if any tickets are spent here we will gladly sent the winner our gift certificate, but there is a pretty good chance it will turn out to be worthless.
$100 at Nostrana Restaurant (indicate number of tickets) NOTE as far as we know this restaurant is open for business.
Winetasting for 8 at Maryhill Winery, valued at $416. "The tour will allow the recipients to have a 'behind the scenes' experience of our winery. They will tour every aspect of our wine production operation and receive detailed background information and even a bit of wine education. Following their tour our guests will be treated to a unique tasting experience by a dedicated Maryhill host...Each guest will also receive a complimentary Crystal Stemless Glass and a coupon for 5% off six bottles or 10% off 12 bottles." (indicate number of tickets)
Five different people will win a $100 gift card at Columbia Sports, including a guest pass for 4 at the Outlet Store (indicate number of tickets)
Backpack and contents from Patagonia. Backpack value $129, cap value $35, water bottle $30, "black hole cube," $39, total value $233 (indicate number of tickets)
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Total number of tickets bought*
Total cost of your tickets: If number of tickets is 20 or under, multiply by $2. If number is 21-50, multiply by $1.50. If over 50, multiply by $1. Feel free to add a general donation to your ticket prices on the next page.
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