Conceive A Dream: Mothers In College CADet Application
Please fill out application completely. Make sure the information provided is as accurate as possible. Application information will be thoroughly reviewed and verified. Once reviewed, the applicant will receive an email confirmation as well as additional instructions. For further questions please email us at
864 P.O. Box, Decatur, GA 30031-0864

Rolling Application: However priority if given to individuals that submit prior to July 30th, 2018.

- Mentorship opportunities available
-Fellowship with other Mothers In College
- Free* and/or Discounted Group and Family Outings****
- Participation Professional Skill Building Sessions****
-Participation in Personal Development Sessions****
-Access to resources specific to parenting, academic preparation, graduate education, etc.
**This is not a complete list of benefits that are gained through participation**

- Must be between 18-26* years of age and enrolled in a college degree seeking program in Georgia as a full-time student* for the 2018-2019 Academic Term
-Be physical custodial parent to at least one minor child*
-Single (not currently married)*
-Participant must:
-commit to at least 2 group community service events.
-be available/present at all 5** Bi-monthly in person sessions
-submit a reduced $25 participation deposit (due in August 2018)***

The following items must be emailed or mailed preferably 2 weeks following application submission but no later than July 30th, 2018.
-Verification of Enrollment* (Due in August 2018)
-Recent Transcript- Unofficial or Official (official transcript preferred, reimbursement of transcript request fees are available)

*Conceive A Dream is an organization that prides ourselves on practicing inclusiveness and would love to be able to engage a variety of mothers. With that being said we also want to insure that we are able to fully support mothers with limited resources and sometimes no outside support. Applicants older than 26, part-time students, non custodial parents, and/or married/engaged applicants please email for additional eligibility screening)
**There will be 5-6 in person sessions (this number does not include the community service events), exception can me made for extenuating circumstances
***The deposit is only collected from confirmed/accepted individuals. The participation deposit is in place to ensure each participant is personally invested in the MIC CADet program, invested in their personal/professional growth during the program, committed to being engaged and making meaning connections with other participates. More specifically, the deposit will be used to facilitate opportunities for each participant to be fully engaged during the in-person sessions and cover activities/supervision of the children of participants.
****2018-2019 Will be our first official year of the Mom In College Program through Conceive A Dream, being in the pilot stage we will do our best to main attain our calendar of events, if there are any unforeseen changes we will do our best to notify participants in a timely manner!

Mandatory Kick Off Meet and Greet will occur in Aug. 2018 and full list of 2018-2019 Event Calendar will be available Aug 1st, 2018

***Conceive A Dream Foundation, Inc. has the right to select and deny any applicant at our careful discretion. Our main goal is to select individuals that express clear interest/commitment in participating in the MIC CADet Program and who will most benefit from the program.****
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